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Approx Price $250
Magnification 6x
Max Range 100 yds
Weight 6.3 oz


Bottom Line Up Front: The Nikon Archer’s Choice is a very high quality, feature-packed range finder – out to 100 yards.

For those who are solely dedicated to bow hunting or shotgun slug shooting under 100 yards, this could be a great selection.  But for just a little more money, you can get a lot more range finder.


You can purchase the Archers Choice Range Finder at Amazon.com


Nikon Archer’s Choice Range Finder Review

The Nikon Archers Choice Laser Rangefinder is geared directly at the archery and bow hunting user.  It has all the features a hunter would need – target prioritization, one-button use, angle compensation, accuracy – but only up to a point.  It is a high quality range finder – but is it truly necessary?

Fully featured – up to a point

The Nikon Archers Choice range finder is a very high quality instrument, targeted solely at the archery and bow hunting user. Given that very few slug hunters take shots over 100 yards, the shotgun slug hunter would also be a closely related market as well. Here in Ohio, rifles are not allowed for deer hunting, anyway. For those users, this is a great combination of price, performance, and features.

This rangefinder includes Nikon’s Tru-Target technology to choose either first priority (the first reading) or distant priority (ignoring an early reading like a branch or something) to make sure you’re on the target you intend to range.  Also, it includes Advanced ID technology to compensate for inclines/declines (the ID part of the name).  This automatically compensates for how steep of an angle you’re ranging, since the bullet/arrow trajectory won’t be the same with a flat ground-level shot or a 60 degree tree stand shot down a ravine.

Up to 100 yards, this rangefinder is the equivalent of the highly rated Nikon RifleHunter 550. This isn’t really a surprise – since they’re pretty much the exact same unit.  In fact, Nikon uses the same instruction manual for both models.  Of course, the biggest difference is that the RifleHunter 550 has a max range of 550 yards; hence the name.  The Archers Choice is rated to 100 yards.

Again, for those strictly focused on bow hunting or shotgun slugs, this isn’t a big deal (though even then sometimes you many want to range landmarks or other targets beyond shooting range).  But for about $30-50 more, you can get all the features with over five times the range.

Features of the Archers Choice:

  • Rated range from 5 yards to 100 yards
  • Multicoated optics to improve light transmission, clarity, and color rendition.
  • 6x magnification with a monocular design
  • Displays 0.5 yd increments to 100 yds with ID turned off
  • Displays in 0.2 yd increments with ID turned on
  • Uses 1 CR2 lithium battery for long life
  • Dimensions: 1.5 by 2.7 by 5.1 inches (W x H x D) to fit easily in your hand
  • Lightweight at 6.3 ounces (without battery)
  • Waterproof/Fogproof (except battery chamber) for guaranteed performance in field conditions.
  • Nikon Tru-Target ranging system to compensate for inclines/declines up to 89 degrees

Again, if these sound familiar, they’re pretty much the exact same features (except for range, of course) as the Nikon RifleHunter 550.  This does start working closer in, at 5 yards vs. 11 yards – but you’re probably not buying a range finder for an 8 yard shot!  And if you are, good luck using a 6x magnification that close in :).  I don’t mean to denigrate this unit at all – it’s great for what it does.  It just doesn’t do it out as far as its closely related brother.

A video explanation of the Archers Choice and the angle compensation:


The Archer’s Choice is currently on sale at Amazon.com.

Things that are great about it:
  • Nikon quality, rugged package
  • Small, lightweight design for one-hand operation
  • Premium performance for those who don’t ever need ranging > 100 yds
  • Tru-Target ranging system allows prioritizing of targets
  • Advanced ID technology for handling the steepest inclines and angles
Things that could be better:
  • Not rated for use over 100 yards
  • Only modestly cheaper than the nearly equivalent RifleHunter 550

Not to knock this rangefinder in any way, it truly is a great product.  But again, it’s great out to about 100 yards.  Now for some users who truly don’t need greater range, that’s not a problem.  However, you never know.  Heck, maybe some day you’ll want to upgrade; you may want to get a longer-range model just based on resale value alone!

Actual users are generally more than satisfied:

R. Hernandez, an Amazon-verified buyer (Amazon confirms this person actually bought this item), says:

As far as affordability, performance and its compact size I believe this is the best rangefinder on the market today for the archer. This Unit performs great and ranges with pinpoint accuracy. One of the most impressive features in my opinion is its ability to keep ranging as the target is on the move, as long as you keep the button pressed and follow the target it will keep ranging. I would definately recommend this product to other archers and am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

Read the original review and more here

Another Amazon-verified buyer, “Feral”, talks about how the angle compensation helped him/her:

Although modern compound bows are incredibly precise, they still rely on judging distance correctly for accuracy; thus my search for a rangefinder. After reading numerous product reviews and descriptions, I focused on the Archers Choice, and found the best price at Amazon. This is the only rangefinder I’ve ever had or used, so while my opinion is somewhat limited, I can relay that it performs “as advertized”; fast, quiet, clear, and easy. The “angle” feature works great from my tree stand – I was pretty suprised at the angle/horizontal difference, but a few practice shots confirmed the readings. Its not cheap, but given the infrequent opportunity for a shot while hunting, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Read the original review and more here


The Nikon Archers Choice laser rangefinder is an excellent choice for those strictly focused on bow hunting and/or short range shooting such as shotgun slugs, etc.  It has all the features you’d need and top performance, but only up to that 100 yard or so limit.  If you truly don’t need the extra range and don’t want to pay the relatively small premium to get it, this can be a great unit for you.  Personally, I think the extra range is worth that modest extra cost. But if you do decide to go down the specialized rangefinder route, this is the one to get.


Click here to purchase the Nikon Archers Choice on Amazon.com


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Bottom Line Up Front: The Nikon Archer’s Choice is a very high quality, feature-packed range finder – out to 100 yards.

For those who ar…

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